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Usability & User research

Your website, intranet or app exists to serve your users: your prospects, customers or employees.
Your site or app has to meet their explicit and implicit needs and motivations.
Usability and user research, our core business since 2001, play a huge part in achieving that.

They have better sites and apps because of our usability and user research services

Trust us to improve your website or app

There are lots of user research methods.

The good news?

We master them all. To the last detail. That’s why we teach user research courses.

So which is the best user research method?

It depends.

  • What is your main goal?
  • Are you prototyping a new app or do you already have a fully functional site?
  • How many visitors have you got?
  • What’s your budget?

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Our favorite user research methods (because they get the best results)

  • User testing with eye-tracking
    How does your target audience experience your website, intranet or app? Which features do they find useful? Where do they get stuck? What do they understand? What don’t they understand? Where are they looking at? What are they ignoring?

    And most importantly: why is that?

    User testing reveals the answers to all of these questions. And our report will give you specific solutions to tackle every pain point.

    We can test at any location: at our offices, at yours, outside or remote (online). And on any device. Whether it’s a prototype, a finished product or something in between.
    Find out more about how we do user testing

  • Usability review of your website, intranet or app
    Our experts take a close look at your website, intranet or app. Without mercy, they pinpoint the weak spots. Of course, they also tell you how to fix these pain points.

    An expert review is the fastest and cheapest way to improve your website, intranet or app. Even if you only have mock-ups, wireframes or a design proposal, we can already do an expert review.
    Take your pick: choose 1 of our expert review formulas

  • Online survey and top task survey
    Surveys are a great way to get valuable input from your visitors fast.

    If you ask the right questions, that is. Unfortunately, this is where most surveys go wrong.

    We ask your visitors the right questions at the right time. That’s why some of our surveys have a response rate of over 50%. Our surveys reveal your visitors’ top tasks, needs, and irritations.

  • Google Analytics and user behavior analysis
    A thorough analysis of your Google Analytics data will give you profound insights into the behavior of your visitors.

    But we have to be honest. With new customers, we often see that things that really matter are not being measured. Or measured in the wrong way.

    That’s why we always start with a check-up of your set-up.
    Learn what we can do to help you with Google Analytics

  • Online competitor analysis
    Chances are, you’re not the only one who’s doing what you’re doing. You’ve got competitors. So why reinvent the wheel? Or even worse: copy your competitors’ bad ideas?

    Thanks to our online competitor analysis, you get a clear view of the best practices in your field.
    Find out more about online competitor analysis

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Learn everything there is to know about UX, usability & user research

Every year, we train about 1.000 people in UX, usability and user research.

We organize courses in big and small companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

We’ve already done this in 23 countries around the world. Because we’re among the leading experts in our field.

  • In-house UX and usability training
    This course will teach you the fundamentals of web usability and UX. You will learn what works and what doesn’t work online, illustrated by dozens of examples and case studies.
    Learn more about the in-house usability workshop

  • In-house user research training
    You know you have to start focusing on your user. But where do you begin?
    Which method can you use and when?
    What’s the best way to use heatmaps, user session recordings and form analysis tools?
    Which questions can you ask in a survey? You get all these insights at our in-house workshop on user research.
    Get a quote for in-house training on user research

  • In-house user testing training
    Over the years, we noticed that most user tests go wrong without anybody noticing it. Because the moderators had no specific training and the tiny errors keep piling up.

    As a result, the outcome of that kind of user testing is unreliable. And the decisions that are made are the wrong ones.

    Our founder Els speaks at conferences all over the world about the pitfalls of user testing. And she explains how to do it right. One of these talks was at Microsoft’s headquarters in Seattle. Els also taught a 2-day course on user testing for the research team of Web Arts AG, the biggest usability and CRO company in the world.

    So you thought you could quickly do these user tests yourself?
    Think again.

    Find out more about our in-company course on user testing

What do customers say about us and our results?

“I loved that we could discuss the expert review thoroughly and in person, instead of just through email or Skype. Turns out they’re not just experts, they’re nice people too!”
Otto Tromm, CEO, Rolluikshop


“It was an exciting moment, our first user test. But it turned out to be a smooth process, from beginning to end. Transparant communication in the quotation phase. Experienced and professional experts during that day. And in the end, a report we could work with right away.”
Anne-Laura Janssens, Manager Marketing Strategy, BinckBank


“AGConsult has helped us to improve our website in many ways. Thanks to their to the point expert review we could focus on the right issues.”
Eric Lippens, ‎Ecommerce & Direct Sales Manager, Center Parcs


“AGConsult doesn’t just sell you a consulting service. They really want to help you. Or rather, they help you by creating a better user experience for the visitors of your website.”
Dieter Kirchner, Web Portal Administrator, Ghent University


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Why AGConsult for user research?

1. The real deal

We have been focussing on usability and customer centricity since 2001. Long before these became buzzwords.

Heck, we had a mobile usability lab way before it was fashionable.

Those top task surveys you see popping up everywhere? We invented that method, and now people are copying it everywhere.

That’s why we get invitations from conferences all over the world to share our knowledge, methods and results. Els is known as “The Queen of User Research” and Karl is the “UX Comedian“.

We rank number 3 in PPC Hero’s list of most influential conversion experts. This list features 30 conversion masterminds, and Karl’s name is next to renowned experts like Don Norman, Daniel Kahneman and Nir Eyal.

2. We only give advice that’s specific and practical 

Generalizations, theories, opinions or vague statements. We don’t like them. Because they don’t help you.

That’s why we always give personalized and detailed feedback: about the structure of your website, the interface, the order flow, the copy on your call to action and every other detail that matters.

You don’t get a standardized report with a few boxes ticked, but advice that’s tailored to you. Because that’s what you pay us for.

3. We focus 100% on results


In the end, that’s the reason why we do what we do. More visitors, more sales, more requests for quotes, more revenue, more profit…

And most of all: more happy and returning customers.

And yes, we are talking about your customers.

Getting great results for our clients is what makes us happy. Because the success of our customers is our success.

They have better websites thanks to our user research

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