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Website usability

The goal of website usability? Pushing your website revenue sky high.
More people who find what they’re looking for fast. More requests for quotes. More leads.
Good web usability also results in fewer costs. Fewer customer service calls, for example.
In short: good web usability gets you happier users who’ll visit your site more often.

Happy clients of our website usability services

Let us improve your website usability

Do you have a monthly budget of over € 4000 for UX and usability?

That’s good news. That means you understand your website usability is crucial for your online success.

It probably also means you realize that continuously improving your website, based on user research and A/B tests is the way to go.

That’s what conversion optimization is all about. And what companies like,, and Coolblue are doing. They are constantly improving their website, based on the results of user research and experiments.

Companies like Carglass, SBS, Colruyt, and Overstock have already put their trust in us for conversion optimization.

Find out how we use conversion optimization to improve your website usability.

You don’t have a monthly budget for website usability?

No worries.

We’ve got you covered. With our one-time research methods and reports.

  • Usability tests with eye tracking
    How does your target audience experience your website, intranet or app? Which features do they find useful? Where do they get stuck? What do they understand? What don’t they understand? Where are they looking at? What are they ignoring?

    And most importantly: why is that?

    User testing reveals the answers to all of these questions. And our report will give you specific solutions to tackle every pain point.

    We can test at any location. On any device. Whether it’s a prototype, a finished product or something in between.

    Find out more about how we do user testing

  • Usability research for your website
    Our experts take a close look at your website, intranet or app. Without mercy, they pinpoint the weak spots. Of course, they also tell you how to fix these pain points.

    Expert usability research is the fastest and cheapest way to improve your website, intranet or app. Even if you only have mock-ups, wireframes or a design proposal, we can already do expert usability research.

    Choose 1 of our expert reviews

  • Online surveys and top task research
    Surveys are a great way to get valuable input from your visitors fast.

    If you ask the right questions, that is. Unfortunately, this is where most surveys go wrong.

    We ask your visitors the right questions at the right time. That’s why some of our surveys have a response rate of over 50%. Our surveys reveal your visitors’ top tasks, needs, and irritations. Like this, we can map the top tasks, expectations, and frustrations of your target audience in a detailed way.

    More about our online surveys

  • Competitor analysis
    Chances are, you are not the only one doing what you are doing online. Why reinvent the wheel? Or worse: copy your competitor’s bad ideas? With our competitor analysis, you get a clear view of the best practices in your field.

    Read more about online competitor analysis

You’re convinced the usability of your website is a mess?

Don’t panic. These things happen.

Of course, it’s something you have to fix.

Here’s how we can help.

First off: we are not developers. We won’t actually build your new website.

So what will we do?

We will design a strategy, structure, and concept. All based on user research.

What you get from us, is a prototype and specifications. think of it as the blueprint for your website. With that blueprint, every web design and development agency can start building your website.

Why separate the concept and development phase?

Would you ask your contractor to draw the plans for your new house? Or ask your architect to build the walls?

Didn’t think so.

Check out our approach to web strategy: this is how we make sure your new website does what it’s supposed to

Improve your knowledge about web usability

  • In-house course on website usability and conversion optimization
    This workshop will teach you all the fundamental principles you need to know to make your website more user-friendly. We discuss every aspect of a website. Dozens of examples and cases show you the impact of these tips.
  • In-house user testing workshop
    When it comes to usability, it’s all about the user. There’s so much more to usability than just applying rules and best practices. This workshop shows you the methods you can use to get the answers. And how you can use this information to improve your website usability.
  • In-house writing for the web course
    What does writing have to do with web usability? A lot! Because in the end, it is your content that convinces your visitor. And this is where websites often fail. 3 out of 4 problems on websites have to do with copy. That’s why it’s important to know how to write clear and convincing copy for your website.

What do our customers say about us and our results?

“It took us less than a month to earn back the money we invested in AGConsult. Good job!”
Alain Decamps, Pidpa


“I loved that we could discuss the expert review thoroughly and in person, instead of just through email or Skype. Turns out they’re not just experts, they’re nice people too!”
Otto Tromm, CEO, Rolluikshop


“AGConsult helped us to improve our website in different ways. The to the point expert review enables us to focus on the right features.”
Eric Lippens, ‎Ecommerce & Direct Sales Manager, Center Parcs


“AGConsult delivered an honest analysis, the perfect guide for developing our new website. And it’s no bullshit! Today, we still use your advice whenever we need to get our web master back on track or when we get internal comments.”
Tim Bottelberghe, Head Marketing & Communication, Tourism East Flanders

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Why choose AGConsult for your website usability?

1. The real deal

We have been focusing on usability and customer-centricity since 2001. Long before these became buzzwords.

Heck, we had a mobile usability lab way before it was fashionable.

Those top task surveys you see popping up everywhere? We invented that method, and now people are copying it everywhere.

That’s why we get invitations from conferences all over the world to share our knowledge, methods, and results. Els is known as “The Queen of User Research” and Karl is the “UX Comedian“.

We rank number 3 in PPC Hero’s list of most influential conversion experts. This list features 30 conversion master minds, and Karl’s name is next to famous experts like Don Norman, Daniel Kahneman and Nir Eyal.

2. We only give advice that’s specific and practical 

Generalizations, theories, opinions or vague statements. We don’t like them. Because they don’t help you.

That’s why we always give personalized and detailed feedback: about the structure of your website, the interface, the order flow, the copy on your call to action and every other detail that matters.

You don’t get a standardized report with a few boxes ticked, but advice that’s tailored to you. Because that’s what you pay us for.

3. We focus 100% on results


In the end, that’s the reason why we do what we do. More visitors, more sales, more requests for quotes, more revenue, more profit …

And most of all: more happy and returning customers.

And yes, we are talking about your customers.

Getting great results for our clients is what makes us happy. Because the success of our customers is our success.

Do you want a better website too?

We can’t wait to discuss the best approach for your project.

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Frequently asked questions about website usability

What is website usability?

Usability means user-friendliness. The easier it is to use an object, the more it’s actually being used.

That’s also true for your website.

At AGConsult we have a broader definition of usability. It’s not just about something you can use. it’s also about the experience, the persuasiveness and how easy it is to understand. These are all aspects that motivate someone to become a customer, or not.

Eventually, it are the visitors that make your website successful. If you don’t meet the needs and expectations of your visitors, they will leave immediately.

A user-friendly website results in:

  • More happy visitors
  • More visitors turned customers
  • Fewer offline costs because of better online services

Website usability boosts your efficiency and lowers your costs.

Should I focus on web usability or ranking in Google?

In an attempt to grow their revenue, a lot of website owners invest in attracting more visitors. Indeed, when you focus on SEO, SEA and SEM, you will get more visitors.

But if these visitors land on a non-user-friendly website, these additional visitors won’t be of any use. Yes, they’re on your website, but they are leaving without becoming a customer.

How does that help your bottom line?

The goal of usability is to convince your visitors to become customers. If you want to maximize this conversion, you have to invest in usability.

How reliable is an expert usability review?

Sometimes people think that our expert reviews are based on opinions. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The advice we give in our expert review is based on our experience. And that experience is based on constant user research: surveys, logfile analysis, A/B testing, and user testing.

If we’re convinced there’s something seriously wrong with your website and we know how to fix it, we’ll tell you.

When in doubt, we suggest testing.


Another question about how we approach website usability?

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