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Online courses to make your site more successful

By Karl Gilis, listed as the number 3 most influential CRO expert in the world by PPC Hero.  Now you get access to his knowledge too.

Customer-driven UX: the online video course

Customer-driven UX sounds great. But where do you start?

  • When to use which method?
  • How to ask the right questions to your data and your visitors?
  • How to turn those insights into changes that result in more sales and revenue

You’ll learn all this and more in our course on customer-driven UX, or ‘user research done right’.

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The online marketing of these organizations has improved thanks to our online courses

Karl received the by far best ratings ever seen on Conversion Jam, the biggest CRO conference in Europe. And the second time he spoke here, the audience seemed to like him even more. Probably because Karl always delivers.

John Ekman, Chief Conversionista and organizer Conversion Jam in Stockholm and Oslo

Why AGConsult Academy?

  • Tips that make a difference
    You’ll get the most effective tips, many of which are only known by the real experts.
  • By absolute authorities 
    Our trainers are experts who are asked to share their know-how on international conferences all year round. They’re recognized as the best in their domain.
  • Practical and to the point
    You won’t get theoretical babbling and buzzwords.
    You do get practical tips, methods, and strategies that you can get started with immediately.
  • Examples and cases
    The theory is important, but it’s also boring and abstract. Which is why we illustrate everything with examples.
    The many real-life cases, including results, prove that these tips actually work.
  • Over 15 years of experience 
    That’s what you get. All the knowledge we’ve built up in user testing and A/B testing since 2001.
  • Bite-size bits
    Every course is sliced into short, thematic videos. This way, you can quickly find all tips per page type or subject. Because we know your time is valuable.

I’ve never seen anything similar to this. All attendees gave Karl a 5-star rating. My deep respect for that performance. I think it was the best I’ve ever seen.

André Morys, CEO Web Arts and organizer Growth Marketing Summit in Frankfurt