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Courses on online marketing and UX

Find out more about usability or conversion optimization from people who know their stuff.
We’ve been improving websites based on research since 2001.
And we love sharing that knowledge with you – at your offices, at ours or online.

We've taught teams from these companies a thing or two about usability, CRO and web writing

Customer-driven UX: the online video course

Customer-driven UX sounds great. But where do you start?

  • When to use which method?
  • How to ask the right questions to your data and your visitors?
  • How to turn those insights into changes that result in more sales and revenue

You’ll learn all this and more in our course on customer-driven UX.

Workshop usability and conversion optimization

Do you want your website to generate more leads and sales? Then you should make sure that your visitors know what you expect of them and that they can’t resist becoming a customer.

But how? In our seminars, Els Aerts and Karl Gilis share the knowledge they have built up since 2001.

It’s no coincidence they’re internationally renowned experts in usability and conversion rate optimization.

Discover our in-house workshop usability and conversion rate optimization


User testing workshop

User testing is more than just observing someone while they use your website, intranet or app.

Do you want reliable and actionable results? Then there are more than a few dos and don’ts you should know about.

Find out everything about all types of user testing, from the recruitment and the scenario up until moderating and eye tracking for in-person or remote user testing.

So you can feel confident to go out and do your own in-person and remote user testing.

Check out our in-house workshop user testing


Writing for the web course

A website is kind of like a date.

Sure, looks are important. But if your date has nothing interesting to say, you’ll want to get out of there fast.

It’s the same on your website.

Your content and copy are crucial for attracting and keeping your visitor’s attention.

Learn how you can do well in Google with SEO copywriting, while at the same time making sure your visitors click where you want them to click.

Read more about our in-house course on writing for the web


Web strategy and information architecture

Two-thirds of all websites don’t structure their information the way visitors expect.

Why is that important? Well… How long do you stick around on a website if you can’t find your way?

Information architecture is about putting the right content in the right words in the right place.

Find out how in our in-house course information architecture and online strategy


Looking for a keynote speaker?

Are you organizing a conference, guest lecture or customer event? Related to websites, conversion optimization, usability or online marketing?

Get one of the AGConsult founders on your (virtual) stage. Both are top-rated keynote speakers:

Find out more about Karl Gilis, keynote speaker on conversion optimization and customer experience 

Read more about Els Aerts, keynote speaker on user research


In Dutch we also have open workshops and online training programs: See all our courses in Dutch.

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