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User testing workshop

Most user testing is useless testing.

Because most user testing is done wrong.

So stop wasting money and time, and learn out how to do it right.

Price for 2 full days in your organization
10.000 Excl. VAT
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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is perfect for everybody who wants to improve their in-person user testing skills.

The exact content of the program depends on your experience:

Are you just getting started with user testing?
Great, because no background knowledge is required. We’ll take you through every step so, at the end of the seminar, you have all the know-how and the confidence to do your own user testing.

Have you already done some user testing but want to fine-tune your technique?
We’ll adjust the program to your organization’s experience so you get the maximum out of the workshop.

Are you a usability testing expert?
Even then, we’re confident you’ll pick up hands-on tips and tricks that will improve your usability testing. Just ask the user testing team at Web Arts, one of the leading CRO companies worldwide:

“Our usability testing team was tremendously excited about the user testing workshop Els and Karl did for us. I received tons of positive feedback. Thank you very much!”
André Morys, CEO of Web Arts (Germany)

Program for the user testing workshop

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know the ins and outs of the whole in-person user testing process:

  • Moderated user testing: the basics
    What kinds of usability testing are there? When to use which method? What about eye-tracking? And when are heatmaps interesting?
  • Recruitment of test users
    How important is it to recruit the right users? How can you reach them? How to avoid no-shows?
  • Test scenario
    How to determine the scope of the test? What kind of questions should and shouldn’t you ask? Does the order of tasks matter?
  • Moderating skills
    This is where most user tests fail. We’ll show you how to avoid the common pitfalls of moderating a usability test: how to ask questions in a non-leading way, how to make use of non-verbal communication, how to deal with difficult test users …
  • Documentation & analysis of the results
    How do you end a day of user testing with actionable results? How to keep the observer room involved? How to convince everyone to do something with the results?

It’s a co-creation workshop

Just so you know: day 2 is focused on practicing.

We want everyone to go home with the first-hand experience of preparing a user test, writing a test scenario and moderating a short test.

So you feel confident to go out and do your own in-person user testing.

What do participants say about this course?

“The workshop was packed with tool recommendations, practical examples and answers to individual questions and concerns. Just wonderful!
Sibel Cokimre, Head of User Research, Web Arts AG

“We got tips and tricks for working with the test participants, as well as for observation and analysis. Then we put it all into practice. Best of all: it was fine-tuned to our own app. I highly recommend this workshop.”
Jos Wouters, VDAB

Who is the trainer?

Els Aerts and Karl Gilis are the founders of AGConsult and have moderated over 4,000 user tests since 2001.

Els and Karl have given talks and workshops on usability testing at several international conferences:

  • Conversion Hotel 2018 (Texel, The Netherlands)
  • Digital Elite Camp 2018 (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Webbdaggarna 2017 (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Conversion Conference 2016 (London, UK, and Berlin, Germany)

AGConsult has performed user tests for organizations such as:

  • Center Parcs
  • University of Ghent
  • Atlas Copco
  • Carglass

How much is this workshop?

  • € 10,000 excl. VAT for 2 full days in your organization
  • With a program tailored to your experience in user testing
  • With user testing exercises on your own website, intranet or app
Get the confidence and knowhow to do your own user testing

Have your team trained by top experts

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