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Google analytics logfile analysis

Google Analytics contains a wealth of information.
We crunch the numbers to find the information most relevant for you.

They understand their visitors' behavior thanks to our Google Analytics services

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

You probably cast a sideways look at your Google Analytics data every now and again. You know how many visitors you have, how long they stay on your web site and more of those typical statistics.

But what do you really know about what people do on your website?

  • Do you know your users’ customer journeys?
  • Do you analyse visitor behaviour on your most popular pages?
  • Do you know which pages are hardly ever visited?
  • And adjust your content strategy based on these numbers?
  • Do you monitor your own search feature and use that data to make adjustions to your structure and terminology?

Relevant numbers and insights

There’s an amazing amount of interesting information in your logfiles and Google Analytics.

But you have to know how to find it.

Our Google Analytics Certified experts analyse your data and find out those things most relevant to improving your business.

Setting up your Google Analytics dashboard

We can help you set up your Google Analytics dashboard.

Together, we decide what the most important things to measure are on your site. Segments, goals, reports, … We set up everything you need to get a real insight into your visitors. The dashboard gives you easy access to all the important numbers in one click.

Also as part of a project

If you ask us to help set up the information architecture of your new site or intranet, we will always study your logfiles first.

Also in combination with an expert usability review, user test or A/B testing a logfile analysis can be very interesting. It helps us get a deeper insight in your visitors so we can base our advice on facts.

Are you sitting on a pile of unused data?

We help you get the best out of your Google Analytics and logfiles.

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