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Web strategy and information architecture

Do you need a new website? We’ll be your information architect.
We’ll develop your web strategy based on user research. And create a blueprint for your website.
That’s the only way to guarantee your new website will be successful.

These companies have a solid web strategy because they relied on us

Let us develop your web strategy and structure

You wouldn’t let your architect actually build your house. Or let the bricklayer draw the building plans.

This is where information architects come in. Before the design and development agencies.

It’s also why a lot of governments and companies hire us to develop the web strategy, information architecture and UX design of their websites and intranet.

We won’t build your website. We will create your web strategy, structure and UX design.

In doing this, we won’t let your preferences or opinions guide us. Or ours for that matter.


Every project we do is based on user research, to make sure that our design is the most customer-oriented and the best possible solution for your organization.

We do this in 4 stages:

  • Online strategy
    A good web strategy combines the expectations of your visitors with the goals of your company. Not just for now, but also for the years to come.

  • Information architecture
    People don’t visit your website or intranet for fun, they have a goal. We make sure visitors immediately find what they are looking for. That’s the foundation of information architecture.

  • Mockups, wireframes and prototypes
    Once the structure is set out, we create the UX design of the most important screens. We test these on real users. This way we make sure your new website or intranet is really user-friendly.

  • Functional analysis and specifications
    We write up the functional analysis and the specifications for your website or intranet. This is a manual for everyone involved in your online project. It’s the best guarantee for good results.

Obviously, the way we handle your specific project depends on your situation, sector and digital maturity.

Convinced our approach is the best way to go?

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You want to develop the strategy and the concept of your website yourself?

That’s possible. In our courses, we help get you started.

What are customers saying about us and our results?

Ghent University

At one point, the website of Ghent University had 120 subsites and 100.000 pages. It was like a maze! After thorough user research, we created a new, simplified concept and a new web strategy.

“AGConsult has been one of Ghent University’s preferred partners for some 10 years. They bring along expertise in so many areas that we consider them an essential team member.”
Dieter Kirchner, Portal site manager, Ghent University

Read more about our work for Ghent University 


Facilitating the switch to a new business model? That’s exactly what AGConsult did for software company Enfocus. We helped them pivot from a classic licensing model to include a subscription-based formula.

With great results. The new formula accounts for 20% of total revenue. Also great news: Enfocus didn’t receive any complaints about the switch.

“AGConsult masters the art of keeping things simple. We often wondered ‘Why didn’t we think of that ourselves?’. But we never did. And exactly that is their added value.”
Liesbet Olbrechts, Director product management, Enfocus

Check out the Enfocus case study

Karel de Grote college

“Collaborating with AGConsult pays off: 1 year after our new website was launched, 10% more students have chosen to study at Karel de Grote college. As a result, our college is the biggest growing college in the country. It’s no coincidence. That’s why we also work with AGConsult on other projects.”
Tom Carmans, Marketing & Communication Karel de Grote college

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Why should you choose for AGConsult?

1. Our work is based on facts, not opinions

Your website or intranet can never be successful if it’s based on opinions. Or if you copy what your competitors are doing.

Facts trump opinions.

The star of your website is your visitor. They decide whether your web site or intranet will be a success.

That’s why we create your web strategy, structure and UX design based on behavioral & user research.

So we can guarantee that your website or intranet is really user-centric.

2. We are leaders, not followers

Our focus has been on usability and customer centricity since 2001. Long before these terms became buzzwords.

Our experts are invited to conferences all over the world to share our knowledge, methods, and results.

3. We’re allergic to bullshit

We don’t sugarcoat things. We give it to you straight.

We communicate in an open, honest and transparent manner. Because we believe that’s the fastest way to move forward.

And to get the best results.

Do you want a customer-centric website too?

Together we’ll discuss the best approach for your project.

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