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Els Aerts: Keynote Speaker - User research & customer centricity

Els is an international keynote speaker on user research and customer-centricity.

She’s been asked to speak at dozens of conferences worldwide. From Vancouver to Berlin, from Austin to Oslo, from London to Texel.

Where she’s announced as “the Queen of User research”.

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Why is Els a popular keynote speaker?

Els Aerts speaking at Webbdagarna in Stockholm, Sweden and CXL Live in Austin, Texas.

Because people like her no-bullshit personality, experience, and overall stage presence.

If you want to get your audience to really care about their customers and truly become customer-centric, Els will get the job done.

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What do event organizers and other experts say about Els?

“You’re speaker #1 with 4.58 out of 5 stars. You rocked at CXL Live!”
Peep Laja, CEO, Conversion XL Institute


“Els is the queen of user testing and a brilliant speaker. You do not want to miss her on stage.”
Talia Wolf, Founder, GetUplift

ConversionJam’s 2019 announcement of Els as their keynote speaker:

YES! The queen of user research is coming back to Conversion Jam!


“Els is amazing on stage. Both AGConsult founders are super solid speakers. I was thoroughly impressed.”
Rosario Toscano, Head of CRO, MOCA


“I loved Els’ presentation and enjoyed her raw personality. She’s funny and humble. Most impactful speaker of the conference.”
Kevin Dieny, Digital Marketing Analyst, CallSource

Some events and conferences Els has spoken at

Hana Abaza's tweet about Els Aerts at CTA Conference Unbounce

  • YoastCon, Nijmegen, the Netherlands – 2019
  • CXL Live, Austin, USA – 2018 and 2019
  • Unbounce’s CTA Conference, Vancouver, Canada – 2018
  • Conversion Jam, Oslo, Norway, 2018
  • Conversion Jam, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018
  • Digital Elite Camp, Tallinn, Estonia – 2018
  • Microsoft One Analyst, Seattle, USA – 2018
  • Conversion Hotel, Texel, the Netherlands – 2017
  • Digital Elite Camp, Tallinn, Estonia – 2017
  • Webbdagarna, Stockholm, Sweden – 2017
  • Conversion Conference, Berlin, Germany – 2016
  • Conversion Conference, London, UK – 2016

Some attendee quotes

“By far the most impactful speaker of the conference. Please invite her back.”

“The top talks for me: Nir Eyal, Andre Morys, Els Aerts.”

Hands down the best speaker of the event. Loved her energy, her talk, and her overall on-stage performance.”

“She was excellent, great choice for kicking off the event. Loved her humor, and she made really valid points.”

“Awesome talk, great slides, funny even when tech failed.”

“Wonderful and inspiring speaker. Very easy to understand and useful for immediate application.”

What topics does Els talk about?

  • User research
  • User testing
  • Conversion optimization or CRO
  • Usability
  • Online copywriting

Examples of talks

  • The lost art of asking questions
    World-class user research is the driver behind every successful optimization program. And when it comes to qualitative user research, that means getting up close and personal with your users. Talking to them. Asking them questions. The right timing, wording, and tone of voice of your question can make all the difference. In this talk, Els helps you reconnect with this key element of qualitative research: the lost art of asking questions.

  • Without research there is nothing
    User research, understanding your users and empathizing with them, is crucial to driving growth. In this talk, Els will not only tell you why qualitative user research matters but also show you how qualitative research made the difference in a number of real business cases.

  • User testing done right
    With today’s emphasis on quantitative research and (big) data, it’s easy to forget the web is really about people. The value of moderated user testing is vastly underrated. And the difficulty of doing it right is underestimated. In this talk, Els shows you which pitfalls to avoid and zooms in on moderating skills.

  • Online success is knowing what makes your customers tick
    User research is a great way to get to know the people who use your sites or apps better. In this talk, Els gives an overview of moderated and unmoderated user testing methods. And when to use which method for maximum efficiency.

Why Els?

Bart Schutz tweets about Els Aerts, speaker on user research at Conversion HotelAs the co-founder of AGConsult, Els has been creating better online experiences based on user research since 2001.

In those 18 years, her focus has mostly been on qualitative user research. She’s moderated over 3,500 user tests, done hundreds of interviews and analyzed countless surveys.

She loves helping companies to understand their customers better. Because a happy customer is a returning customer. And that’s how companies grow.

Companies Els has worked with include Yoast, Carglass, SBS and Nespresso.

She shares her knowledge and skills in online and offline courses. Over 2,500 people have grown their business after a course or workshop by Els.

Are you looking for a keynote speaker who will send your audience home with insights they can apply back in the office the next day?

And who will make your audience laugh and learn at the same time?

Watch: Online success is knowing what makes your customers tick – full talk of 23 mins
Webbdagarna, Sweden, 2017

Watch: User testing done right – highlight video of 6 mins
Conversion Hotel, The Netherlands, 2017

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