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App usability & App user testing

A user-friendly app is used more often, gets better reviews and higher scores.
We improve your app based on user testing and usability reviews.
To help you get more happy users.

These brands have better apps because of our user tests and input

Trust us to improve your app

There are different ways to improve the usability of your app.

1. User testing on your app

User testing is our absolute favorite method.

Because app user testing gives you loads of insights.

How do your users experience your app? Which features do they like? Where do they get stuck?  What makes them hesitate?

And most of all: why is that?

When you do user testing, you get a good view of what your users see and feel when they use your app.

Of all the methods you can use to do usability research, user testing has the largest impact. No other method matches this level of insight.

Our report will give you practical solutions to tackle all problem areas. Of course, you’ll also get the recording of the user test.

We can test your app at any location. And test on any device.

What can we do user testing on?

  • Apps, web-based applications, software, …
  • Smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops
  • From clickable prototypes to finished products.

The sooner in the development process you do user testing, the better the app you launch will be.

“For us, AGConsult is definitely the right partner. AGConsult contributed to the success of itsme®. More than 655.000 active users and a 4,8 score in the App Store prove it.”
Tom Van Den Bosch, product manager itsme®


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2. Usability review of your app

Our experts analyze your app and list all the pain points they find. We examine all the important screens and elements of your application.

In our report, you get a list of specific recommendations to tackle these issues. Our report is a manual to improve the usability of your app. With tips that are tailored to your app.

A usability review is the fastest and cheapest way to lift your app to a higher level.

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3. AB-testing and conversion optimization

Another way to improve your app usability is by A/B testing. If you want to do A/B testing, your app needs to meet these requirements:

  • Your app has to have clear goals (what’s the most important source of income?)
  • At least 10,000 regular users (who use your app at least once a week)
  • Your monthly budget to improve your app is at least € 4000

If this is the case, we would love to discuss the best approach with you.

You want to train your team to do user testing on your app?

You’ve come to the right place.

Our co-founder Els speaks at conferences all over the world to share her do’s en don’ts for user testing.

She won’t mention it herself, but people often call her the “Queen of User Testing“.

Els spoke about user testing at the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle. And she gave a 2-day training user testing to the research team of the biggest conversion optimization company in the world.

Most people think that user testing is easy.

It’s not.

There are a lot of details you have to get right to get reliable data from user testing.

During this 2-day in-house training, your team will learn everything they need to know about user tests. Of course, we also get to work and do a first user test on your app.

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What do customers say about us and the results we deliver?

“We’re very happy with AGConsult as our user testing partner. They are very well prepared, ask the right questions and with their hands-on recommendations we can make improvements immediately.”
Tom Van Den Bosch, product manager itsme®


“The workshop was packed with tool recommendations, practical examples and answers to individual questions and concerns. Just wonderful!”
Sibel Cokimre, Head of user research, Webarts / Konversionskraft


“It was an exciting moment, our first user test. But it turned out to be a smooth process, from beginning to end. Transparant communication in the quotation phase. Experienced and professional experts during that day. And in the end, a report we could work with right away.”
Anne-Laura Janssens, Manager Marketing Strategy, BinckBank

Why choose AGConsult to improve your app usability?

1. We give a f*ck

Making apps and websites better.

That’s our passion. Our mission.

Making sure your users are happy. So they use your app more often.

Getting great results for our clients is what makes us happy. Because the success of our customers is our success.

2. We are leaders, not followers

We have been focussing on usability and customer centricity since 2001. Long before these became buzzwords.

Heck, we had a mobile usability lab way before it was fashionable.

That’s why our co-founder Els is known as “The Queen of User Research” who speaks at conferences all over the world to share our knowledge, methods and results.

3. We tell it like it is

We’re allergic to bullshit. Sugarcoating is not our style.

Which means we won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that’s what you’ll get from us.

Based on research and facts. Because opinions are just opinions.

Why is app usability this important?

Your users decide whether or not your app is successful.

If people download your app but then hardly use it, that’s not great …

And if enough of those unhappy users give your app a negative review, it will die a silent death.

But hey, even if you have a good app, you can always improve things.

Boosting your app usability will lead to:

  • Better reviews and user ratings
  • More downloads
  • More frequent usage

Usability and user testing have been our core business since 2001. That’s why brands like Microsoft, Itsme and De Lijn ask us to make their apps better.

Not sure what's the best way to improve your app?

We’re happy to talk you through the options.

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