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So you get more leads and revenue.

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Why work with AGConsult for conversion optimization?

We take a scientific approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO). We don’t run A/B tests based on gut feeling or instinct.

No, we first look where your site is leaking money. Where visitors are dropping off. We discover these through thorough analysis and user research.

Then we do whatever it takes to fix those problems. Rewriting pages, creating landing pages, running A/B tests, … you name it.

We always focus on the main goal: providing you with more online leads and revenue. Let’s face it: it’s not about the clicks, it’s about the money.

That’s why our clients Suzuki, Toyota Material Handling and Yoast love working with us.

By the way, did you know that our founder is the only Belgian in the list of the most influential CRO experts worldwide? He’s number 3, and the 1st European on that list.

  • 77% more requests for proposal
  • 118% more dealer searches on mobile
  • 8 times more brochure requests

Those are just a few of the lasting results we’ve achieved for our customers. And we’d love to do the same for you.

Our approach

Strategy and plan of action

Strategy and plan of action

Based on the preliminary analysis and user research, we develop a conversion optimization strategy and a concrete plan of action:

  • What are the weak spots in your website?
  • What are quick wins?
  • What are structural solutions?
  • How are we going to tackle this exactly?

Of course this plan can be adjusted and fine-tuned as we work.



Time for action. What exactly we do to take your website to the next level depends on the targets we set together in the previous phase.

A few possibilities:

  • Expert advice
  • A/B testing
  • Copywriting and content advice
  • Creating landing pages
  • Adjusting AdWords

This is only a selection of the methods we might use to reach the ultimate goal: to get more leads, contact details and sales from your visitors.



  • We measure the impact of every change
  • We adjust and fine-tune
  • We keep doing research

Everything we do is documented. Every test, every variation, every change will be in a clear report. This way, everyone is informed about what works and what doesn’t, what we’ve tried so far, etc.

Through weekly or biweekly online status meetings, you stay informed of what we do.

What do our clients say?

“AGConsult has helped us improve our website on different levels. Thanks to their expert advice, we could focus on the right things.”
Eric Lippens, ‎Ecommerce & Direct Sales Manager, Center Parcs

“In less than a month we had earned back our investment in AGConsult. Great job!”
Alain Decamps, Pidpa


Why AGConsult is your best choice?

  • Over 20 years of experience
    We’ve been in the usability and conversion optimization business since 2001. We’ve moderated over 3,500 user tests, processed hundreds of thousands of survey answers and implemented hundreds of A/B tests. It’s not a coincidence that companies like Carglass, Quick-Step and Yoast rely on us for their conversion optimization.
  • Internationally renowned experts
    We get asked to talk about our methodology and cases at conferences all over the world. We give talks at industry conferences like CXL Live (Austin), Conversion Day (Brussels), Conversion Hotel (the Netherlands), CTA Conference (Vancouver & Toronto), ConversionSUMMIT (Frankfurt), Conversion Conference (London, Berlin) and Digital Elite Camp (Tallinn).
  • Only Belgian and 1st European in PPC Hero’s list of CRO experts
    Our co-founder, Karl Gilis, is the only Belgian in the list of most influential conversion optimization experts worldwide. He’s the number 3, and the 1st European in that list. So yes, we really know what we’re doing.
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