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Information architecture course

  • In-house seminar of 1 full day at your offices or remote (online)
  • No prior knowledge required, non-technical workshop
  • Personalized content, to fit your organization’s needs
  • Participants rate this workshop 8/10 
Price for a full day in your organization
5.000 Excl. VAT
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Program of the course on information architecture

We personalize the training program to fit the needs of your organization.

Because an online shop doesn’t have the same goals as a non-profit or government website.

We know this because we’ve been helping organizations and companies in all kinds of industries to improve their website since 2001.

  • What is the main goal of this course for you?
  • What is less relevant for you?
  • What would you like us to pay extra attention to?

We use the basic program as our starting point, and we fine-tune it to suit your needs.

We go through the program together during a web call. We’re eager to hear from the participants too. A week before the workshop we like to send them a brief online survey, asking about their questions and expectations for the seminar. Of course, we leave room for extra questions during the workshop as well.

The basic program

1. Introduction

  • A good structure: the foundation of every successful website
  • 3 things you should know about surfing the internet
  • Frequent mistakes on websites and how to avoid them
  • Working with target audiences: recipe for disaster!

2. What should you put on your website?

  • How can you find out who’s visiting your website?
  • What do visitors expect from your website?
  • What can you learn from analyzing log files and search results?
  • How can you use a survey to get to know your visitor in depth?
  • Talk and listen to customers. What can you learn from telephone conversations and interviews?
  • User testing: the holy grail for a good website. How do you get started?

3. Group and name your information

  • How do you build a navigation structure that is clear for all visitors at once?
  • Tips to determine the correct terminology
  • Testing your structure and navigation before actually making your website, thanks to card sorting and user tests.

4. Making a basic layout for your own website

  • Left and top navigation: pros and cons
  • What should be and what should not be on your homepage? 3 basic outlines that work for every website.
  • Category and overview pages that work: how do you make them?
  • Detail pages: what should be where? 3 templates, useful for every website

What do participants say about this course?

“Very witty and illuminating! On top of that, the trainer is a fascinating speaker, thanks to his expertise and humor.”
Steven Vandendriessche, Communication Specialist, Atos Worldline

“The seminar was very practical, based on facts and tons of clear, realistic examples. You really get practical tips to tackle all of the issues yourself. You can easily translate the content into useful insights for your own organization, and you get the necessary arguments to ‘sell’ your project to your management.”
Roeland Kortleven, Management Secretary Communication, municipal government Mol

“Thanks to the enthusiasm of the trainer and the hands-on approach, it’s easy to get started right away. And if you forget some details after a couple of days, you still have the exhaustive extra documentation. A model example of what a course should be like.”
Didier Van Coppenolle, Internal Communication Officer, Securex International EESV

Who is the trainer?

Karl Gilis, trainer of the information architecture trainingKarl Gilis is the co-founder of AGConsult. He’s been helping companies and organizations make better websites and intranets since 2001.

Focus on research and facts is what differentiates AGConsult as a company and Karl as a trainer.

Karl has seen more than 2.500 people during user tests, worked on 100’s of AB-tests and manually processed dozens of surveys.

It is this knowledge that he uses when he teaches.

What Karl teaches doesn’t come from a book. His tips and examples are unique because they come from everyday practice.

How much is this course?

  • € 5000 excl. VAT for 1 full day at your offices or remote (online)
  • With examples from your own website or intranet
Help your visitors find what they’re looking for

Learn more about the fundamentals of information architecture

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