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Useless overview pages at deSingel

Although research shows that users spend 80% of their time above the page fold, a lot of websites don't really take that into account.

The overview pages on the website of Antwerp art campus deSingel give the user an overview of, well, not very much. Except for a truly huge page title (if you've ever seen a bigger one, please let me know) there's not a lot to see really.

Ah, but there's a tiny link 'Topical exhibitons' just visible above the page fold!

Yes, there is. Go ahead and click it.

Nothing happens.

If you want to see the current architecture exhibitions, you're going to have to scroll down. Now there's nothing wrong with scrolling, but on a page like this the current exhibition(s) should at least be partly visible above the page fold. Why use up all that space for one creatively hyphenated word?

Thank you, Jan Seurinck for pointing this one out.

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