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Content strategy

People don’t visit your website because it looks pretty.
They’re interested in what you have to offer, your content.
We help you with your content strategy.

These companies have content that works because they relied on us

Answers to important questions

  • Which content is valuable for your website?
  • How do you measure the success of content? How can you increase that success?
  • How do you keep your content up-to-date?
  • How do you organize your team of web editors?

These are the kinds of questions we answer when we draw up your content strategy.

Content first

People come to your website for your content, not for the design.

That’s why content should come before design. It’s not something you just stick into your design as an afterthought. Your content strategy should be at the top of your to-do list when thinking about a new website.

Which content is valuable?

  • Which content increases the number of leads and sales?
  • Which content decreases the number of support calls and emails?
  • Which content gets you visitors who didn’t know you before?

We research it for you. And use it as a basis for your content plan.

More than a list of articles to write

When we draw up your content strategy, we do more than just give you a list of topics to write about.

We discover which content really helps your users. That includes thank you emails, error messages and form labels.

Images, infographics, video, and audio – all that stuff is content. And included in our content strategy.

Let’s get real

Not every company can afford a large editorial team. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have good content on your site.

We help you draw up a content strategy that fits your organization. Based on the resources and budget that you have.

Your content is never finished

Nothing is ever perfect. You have to keep working at making your content better and better. Every day.

We can help you with that as well. By measuring the success of your content with Google Analytics for example. Or test alternative content in AB-tests to see what works best for you.

Looking for advice on your content strategy?

We draw up a made-to-measure content strategy for you.

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