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Carglass®: customer-centricity investment earned back several times

Since 2016, we’ve been Carglass® Belgium’s partner of choice for conversion optimization. And that clearly works. Because each year, they earn back their investment in customer-centricity. Not once, but several times.

Ruud Dolmans, Carglass

“I would definitely recommend AGConsult to other companies. Because they deliver what they promise: a better, customer-centric website that generates more revenue.”

Ruud Dolmans, E-business marketeer - Carglass®

Customer-centricity is serious business

How Carglass® earned back their investment many times? Through higher conversion rates and lower operating costs. And you can only achieve that if you’re truly customer-centric and respond to what your customers need.

Customer-centricity is not a hollow term. It’s serious business. Carglass® clearly gets this, or they wouldn’t have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. After all, you don’t become the global leader in vehicle glass repair without being customer-centric.

Nobody becomes your client for your branding

This customer-centricity is one of the reasons AGConsult and Carglass® get along so well. We have the same goal: to make customers happy.

Project lead Joey Kant: “A lot of companies claim they’re customer-centric, but they care more about what their site looks like. And less about whether it actually helps their visitors.

Nobody becomes your client just because they’re impressed by your branding. Consistent branding is important, of course, but responding to what your customers need is crucial.”

Valerie Vervueren, Digital Marketing Manager at Carglass®, continues: “Exactly. We don’t compare ourselves to other glass websites. We strive to offer our online users the same experience and convenience as So we put more effort into conversion optimization and customer-centricity. Without any doubt, AGConsult is the authority in that field.”


Valerie Vervueren, Digital Marketing Manager at Carglass®

“We strive to offer our online users the same convenience as, for example. So we put more effort into conversion optimization and customer-centricity. And without any doubt, AGConsult is the Belgian authority in this field.

Valerie Vervueren, Digital Marketing Manager - Carglass®


Customer-centricity is more than just age, gender and shoe size

Companies often think they already know quite a lot about their customers, but they only have demographic figures. They have no idea why people choose them instead of their competition. Or the other way around.

And they don’t have any clue why people hesitate or what stops them from becoming customers.

AGConsult project lead Joey: “With Carglass®, there was no need to explain why demographic data like age and gender isn’t enough to go on. We could start our user research right away and collect data that was actually useful. Like finding out what made people hesitate, what they’re afraid of, and why they chose Carglass® and not their competitors. Data that is extremely valuable to Carglass®, so they can reach more people.”

So as always with conversion optimization, we started with research. We found out that ‘booking an appointment’ was a top task: 65% of all visitors came to the Carglass website with that task in mind.

But the percentage of people that actually made an appointment, was much lower. We studied the data and used it to make a new version of the homepage, a page that’s crucial for Carglass.

A homepage variation that responds to visitors’ questions and doubts:

Original Carglass® homepageB variation of the Carglass® homepage

The B variation might look more cluttered, but it actually provides users with more clarity. Because it answers the most important questions and doubts visitors have. It puts the customers first. Customer-centricity at its best. And that drives more online appointments.

A/B tests that bring in more revenue

Like in many companies, some people were skeptical about A/B testing at first. But the solid results cleared these objections at once.

Ruud: “AGConsult quickly earned our trust, because they immediately proved that their A/B testing actually increased our conversions, and allowed more people to make an appointment. That helped to get everyone in the company on board and to trust them. Now, when we get new test ideas from user research, I immediately get approval. This way, we can change gears very quickly and get results even faster.”

This is why Carglass keeps choosing AGConsult

Valerie: “Thanks to AGConsult’s sharp analyses and AB-testing, our site is becoming increasingly user-friendly and successful. But of course, the perfect website doesn’t exist. Everything can be optimized. Which is why it’s a conversion optimization trajectory. Which we happily keep extending, year after year.”

Ruud: “AGConsult has helped us achieve our digital goals, and it doesn’t end there. Conversion optimization is an ongoing process. AGConsult sees it that way, and that is one of the reasons we chose them in 2016. And that we keep choosing them.”

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