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10 conversion tips that work on any website

My 10 conversion tips work for every website and will guarantee you more conversions. You could even call them growth hacking tips.

Conversion tips from the real world

These website conversion tips are based on the 17 years of experience we have within the field of web usability and conversion optimization.

We noticed the same problems over and over again while carrying out over 3,000 user tests for our clients. Through hundreds of A/B tests, we found solutions that really work.

All the tips in 1 free e-book

10 conversion tips to optimize any website, easily browsable in a free e-book.

I have bundled the tips in an easy-to-use booklet of 34 pages, optimized to read on a screen.

I explain in detail why every tip works and show you 15 A/B tests that prove the tips’ results. Using best practices, I show how leading websites like and Apple use these tips to drive conversions.  

Download this useful e-book full of conversion tips and cases now


The 10 tips as presentation

This presentation briefly explains each tip. It also shows some test cases. For more in-depth information and even more cases, you really need to read the e-book.


The 10 growth hacking tips in a row

1. Never, ever use carousels!

People don't have the patience to look at all the slides of your carousel.

We’ve been saying it for over 10 years: do not use carousels. Your visitors don’t look at them. Because they have too little patience. And because movement on a web page is rarely a good idea.

Our case about the carousel on the homepage of Suzuki was selected by WhichTestWon. In my e-book you will find 2 new tests in which the results are even more impressive. I also give a whole series of arguments against carousels. Arguments that you can use to convince your management. Or yourself.

2. No more big headers. Just get to the point!

A smaller header can uplift your conversion with 46 percent.

This is another tip I have been telling people for years in my trainings about usability: keep the header small. Because big headers push the real content of your page down.

In my e-book I talk about a remarkable case where a smaller picture in the header got 46% more clicks. Much to the horror of the webmaster, who loved the big picture in his header. His visitors clearly felt differently.

3. Integrate the first step of an interaction

A button that sends a visitor to a form doesn't work as well as integrating the first step of the form on the page itself. If your form only consists out of 1 or 2 fields, integrate the form in full.

This applies for example when subscribing to newsletters, asking quotes, price simulators, and dealer locators.

For windows and doors manufacturer Deceuninck, applying this tip led to 23 times more people who now look for a distributor. Growth hacking at its best.

4. Give users clear instructions

Never overestimate your visitors. There is no harm in giving your visitors a hand. Make clear what they need to do.

That even goes for something as simple as a link. This is why it’s important that a link looks like a link.

In my e-book I give 2 examples of A/B tests that resulted in respectively 13,1% and 72,3% more people clicking through from a category page to a product page when this tip is applied.

5. Choosing should be easy

When you present visitors with a series of similar products or services, they want to be able to compare the different options. Preferably without too much effort on their part. Their primary goal is to find the product or solution that suits them the best.

So, on your overview or category pages show the main decision-making criteria for your visitors. In the e-book, I prove that this tip works by demonstrating an A/B test we did for Suzuki and also refer to Coolblue as a best practice.

6. Use bullet lists

Bullet lists work better than full sentences. It’s as simple as that.

7. Add a reassuring message to every button

A reassuring message below an action button increases conversion.

Many people hesitate just before placing an order or before subscribing to a newsletter.

A reassuring message near an action button helps your visitors to overcome their hesitation.

In my e-book I clarify how a website like minutely applies this tip. And I prove in a new case how much extra conversion this tip can yield for any web shop.

8. Repeat your call-to-action at the bottom of the page

Put your action button at the bottom of your web page as well. Not just at the top.

The quickest quick win on just about any website. I have been telling people this for years. And still, very little websites consistently apply this.

The logic behind this is simple. The further down your visitor scrolls, the more interested he or she is in what you are telling or selling.

The only thing you need to do at the end of a page, is to seal the deal. Simply encourage your visitor to take action.

In my e-book I show how this tip lead to 43,8% more conversion on a B2B-website.

9.  In your webforms, explain why you ask something

Explain in your web forms why you ask something. That way, more visitors will fill out the form.

A form is the moment of truth. You have convinced your visitor he needs your product or service. The only thing that is left for him to do, is to fill out some fields.

It is up to you to take away all the hesitations and insecurities your visitor might still have.

A simple tip that got Suzuki 35,4% more requests for offer.

10. Combine the tips for a maximum result

The more you combine these tips, the more your conversion rate will increase. It’s as simple as that!


Free e-book with 10 tips and 15 cases

Exclusively for the readers of my blog, I have put these 10 tips together in a free e-book.

With each tip, you get extra information and A/B test cases with exact numbers. That way you can discover in detail why these tips work and how you too can apply them.

Reading the 34 pages of the e-book takes about 20 minutes. The book is optimized to read on a screen.


Don’t forget to make an action plan for your website while you’re reading the tips. Success guaranteed! 

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