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User testing

How do your customers really use your website, intranet or app?
Our user tests help you find out.
So you can make improvements based on facts.

They have more user-friendly sites and apps thanks to our user tests

Insight into the user experience

  • How do people really use your website or app?
  • What do they find difficult?
  • What don’t they understand?
  • Where do they look?
  • What confuses them?

A user test or usability test tells you all of this and much more. It helps you make decisions about changes or new features based on facts.


We don’t just list everything that went right and wrong in our user test report. We offer quick wins and structural solutions wherever possible.

Our practical advice is something our customers really appreciate:

“Not a lot of theoretical musings but a practical report with real solutions to make your website more to-the-point. We love it.”
Ronny Fierens, Owner, De Reisspecialist

“Thanks to AGConsult I found the hard facts I needed to make decisions. The facts and figures you’re looking for in a no-nonsense style.”
Stijn Meyvaert, Digital Marketeer, Attentia

What can we user test?

  • Websites, online stores, extranets, intranets and apps
  • From the first prototype to the finished product
  • On desktop, tablet and smartphone

We can test anywhere

We can test in our offices or in a standard usability lab.

If at all possible, we like to take our mobile usability lab to your office. That way, everybody in your team can watch the user testing.

Are you looking for quick feedback from a large number of people? Our guerilla user testing is just the thing. We go wherever your users are.

Remote usability testing

Is it hard to get the people participating in the test and the user test moderator to physically be in the same place? Not a problem: our screen-sharing software offers the perfect solution. It allows testers to participate in a usability test from their own home or office.

Remote user testing is especially handy if you want to test with a number of people in different locations.

Which user test is right for you?

Every user testing method has its advantages and disadvantages. We are happy to advise you on what will work best for you.


Want to see real users at work on your site, intranet or app?

User testing gives you great insights to improve your user experience.

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