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Benchmark user test

What do your users like about your competitors’ websites?
We find out in our benchmark test.

They have better websites thanks to our benchmark user test

Competitor analysis by your own target audience

Knowing what your potential customers like and dislike about websites that are similar to yours is very interesting.

ItĀ helps you to avoid the mistakes they’re making. And allows you to take inspiration from what they do best.

Facts trump opinions

Not everything your competitors do is good. They jump on bandwagons and make decisions based on gut feeling too.

Just because you think a competitor’s new tool or feature is cool, doesn’t mean your target audience feels the same.

And really, what they think matters more than what you think.

Avoid useless investments

Our benchmark user test helps you find out what your target audience considers best practices and why.

That way, you can make sure you invest in things that delight your users instead of stuff that’ll only disappoint them.

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition?

Our benchmark user test puts you in first place.

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