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Basic usability review

  • Review of 3 page types
  • Suggestions for solutions for usability flaws
  • Ideal for smaller websites
  • We decide together which pages are most interesting to review

What do customers say about our basic usability review?

“The analysis was actually very thorough and yielded a lot of interesting points. Much above my expectations (based on past experiences). I’m impressed.”
USA-based client in the mattress industry

“Don’t expect a good news show but a very good and also very critical analysis of your website.”
Pieter Hens, Marketing, Tourism Ostend

Why a basic usability review?

  • Real solutions
    We don’t just point out your website’s flaws. We offer practical, real-world solutions. Solutions that suit your site or app. And your budget.
  • By experts
    We’ve been doing this usability thing since 2001. In that time, we’ve improved the usability and conversion of hundreds of websites and apps. Our reviews aren’t based on opinions but facts. Facts we’ve gathered through user testing and AB-testing for our clients. We use this knowledge in your usability review.
  • On the outside, looking in
    You know your products and services through and through. You work with them every day.
    That makes it hard to look at your own website objectively.
    We offer a fresh look. And a critical one. Just like your real users.
Ready for a critical analysis of your website?

We’ll help you fix your usability and conversion issues.

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