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Suzuki: more leads, fewer bounces

More leads and fewer bounces thanks to a user-centered web site and AB-testing.
More potential clients thanks to an effective content strategy.

Annick Op de Beeck, Suzuki

“I like working with AGConsult because of their direct approach. Thanks to their user-centered vision we now have a web site where users find what they’re looking for fast. Their AB-tests continue to give me new insights to improve our web site and our online campaigns. Our website’s return on investment is much higher than before we worked with them.”

Annick Op de Beeck, Online Coordinator - Suzuki

Successful partnership

AGConsult has been Suzuki’s usability and conversion optimization partner for a number of years now. With great results.

  • Number of leads: x2
  • 78% more clicks on landing pages

Web strategy

In order to work out an effective web strategy or online strategy you have to start by asking the right questions.

These were our key questions for Suzuki:

  • What do customers and potential customers expect from a car manufacturer like Suzuki?
  • How can we turn visitors into leads?
  • How can we attract people who are thinking of buying a new car but who aren’t thinking about Suzuki?

User research

Through user research we quickly found out people’s most important decision criteria for choosing a new car: price, fuel consumption and model variant.

Our top task survey made clear people are mostly looking for very practical information. They don’t want to be buried under a pile of marketing bullshit.


Information architecture and concept

Based on the user input we gathered, we drew up the information architecture and made clickable mock-ups so we could do a user test.

The big advantage of testing early in the process is that it doens’t cost the earth to make changes to the concept.


From mock-ups to design

During the design and development stage, we worked closely with web agency Wunderkraut.

We provided feedback on their designs and b├Ęta versions, which allowed us to continually monitor and finetune the process.

That way, Suzuki was sure the end result would be as user-friendly as possible.


Effective content strategy

Based on thorough keyword research, we drew up a content strategy for Suzuki.

The main aim was to reach people who are thinking of buying a new car but aren’t thinking of Suzuki.

Our made-to-measure dashboards in Google Analytics showed that our approach worked.