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itsme: how lean user tests contributed to a successful financial app

The name ‘itsme®‘ probably rings a bell. Over 6 million Belgians are using the app. Every month, it gets an average of 58,000 new users. The app is also gaining more renowned partners: almost all Belgian banks, most insurers, most health services and institutions, and the government and public administrations use itsme®.

“We strongly believe that AGConsult is the right partner for us. Their input was one of the factors that turned itsme® into a user-friendly app that people feel they can trust. That’s confirmed by the huge number of active users and the 4.8/5 rating in the App Store.”

Tom Van Den Bosch, product manager itsme®

Safe and fast mobile phone ID

The app itsme® allows users to swiftly and safely identify themselves by using their mobile phone. Without a card reader or a list of passwords. Users can also share data, subscribe online, and confirm orders and payments in a heartbeat.

itsme® asked us to optimize the app while still in the testing phase. To get insights into the experiences of users, we organized user tests with eye-tracking.

Tom Van Den Bosch, product manager itsme®: “We’re delighted to work with AGConsult as our partner in user testing. They were well prepared, asked the right questions, and presented a hands-on report with recommendations which we could immediately put into practice”.

Lean user testing: an efficient way of working

We tested in sprints, each time with a small group of users. This means that we immediately tested every modification before entering the next stage. If something didn’t work, we shared our thoughts about possible solutions. Which we then tested. Over and over again. And again.

This way, we gradually made progress, without having an endless list of improvements. And without unexpected costs.

The goal? To develop a useful, groundbreaking, and transparent app:

  • that’s easy and intuitive to use by everybody
  • that users can trust
  • that’s 100% safe and proves that to the user

How do you generate trust?

For a brand-new financial app, it’s not easy to get your users to trust you. But itsme® pulled it off with:

  • Reassuring messages such as “Carefully read the details above”, “Security is our priority”, “Now you’re safely logged in” and “Wait for approval”.
  • Clean and even clinical design. This way, the app gives a scientific and reliable impression.
  • Well-known and reliable partners, such as major banks, insurance companies, and governments. If those institutions put their trust in itsme®, users feel it’s safe to do the same.
  • Clear instructions and enough information. Transparency creates a level of trust.
The sentence “We need your mobile phone number to confirm your identity and to secure your itsme® account”, reassures the user. Because you explain why you need this information.
Also, microcopy like “Wait for approval” reassures the user.
You boost your credibility when you work with renowned partners.

Trust, security, and ease of use are key for all organizations that handle sensitive information. Like banks, online stores, hospitals, and governments.

But an advanced app like itsme® was something entirely new on the market. So the challenge was enormous. We only had 1 chance to get it right.

The result? Over 1 million users

Two years after the launch, over 1 million Belgians were using itsme®. And every month, an average of 58,000 new users are added. Since 2018, itsme® is officially recognized by the Belgian government.  And users are very pleased: the App Store rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars.

We love this high rating, of course, because making people happy is our job.

“I’m actually quite proud that we contributed to the smooth introduction of itsme® on the European market. The app had to meet the needs of the modern consumer and we obviously succeeded them. Over 1 million Belgians are using itsme®. Including me!”
Evelyn De Kesel, user researcher at AGConsult

More renowned partners, more applications

itsme® is also convincing more and more banks, insurance companies, and governments to collaborate.

Among their partners are now banks such as KBC, Belfius, and BNP Paribas Fortis, Belgium’s official online tax declaration tool Tax-on-web, agencies such as Kind en Gezin (Child and Family), and health insurance funds such as Partena and OZ. So now with itsme®, you can:

  • fill in your tax return
  • file a damage claim
  • confirm orders
  • pay
  • consult personal documents

And the number of implementations is growing daily.

itsme® product manager Tom is thrilled with this successful start: “We were so happy with their work that we asked AGConsult to do a new round of user tests. This time for the new signature feature”.

Ready to conquer the world

In the meantime, the successful ID app has crossed the border to the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Despite its success, itsme® will never be a finished product. Even after the launch of a good product, we keep on testing and developing. Because everything can always be optimized.

Product manager Tom agrees and is in favor of a long-term collaboration.

“We keep on developing the app. With help from AGConsult, as our partner in user testing and usability advice.”
Tom Van Den Bosch, product manager itsme®

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