Usability workshop

  • In-house workshop of 1 day
  • Fine-tuned to meet your organization’s needs
  • Loads of conversion tips and tricks to seduce your visitors
  • Dozens of practical examples and user test videos
  • Participants rate this course 8.6/10

Price for a full day in your organization

€ 3.500

Excl. 21% VAT

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Program of the conversion optimization and usability workshop

The program is entirely fine-tuned to your organization

We start from this program: 

  • Quick introduction to usability, user experience and conversion rate optimization or CRO
    • A first test: which version resulted in more sales?
    • What’s the goal of usability?
  • Know your visitors. And give them what they want.
    • Focus on top tasks
    • Make sure you know why people visit your site
    • No socio-demographic bullshit, but in-depth knowledge
  • The first impression is crucial
    • Be careful with big headers
    • Remove clutter
    • A bullet list can do wonders
    • Don’t only focus on features
    • Be unique. Stand out from the crowd.
    • Do people understand what you’re selling?
  • Other things you need to know
    • Make sure people scroll
    • The right-hand side of a web page is the graveyard of the internet
    • If you use photos, make sure they add to the bottom line
    • No sliders, please!
    • Background videos are the new sliders
  • Get ready for some calls to action
    • One primary call to action
    • Make sure your call to action stands out
    • The text on your call to action really matters
    • Make sure people see your call to action
    • Don’t be afraid to repeat your call to action
    • Almost nobody buys during their first visit. So now what?
  • Add some persuasion tricks
  • Review of your website
    Your website is the center of attention in this workshop. For every aspect, we check how this applies to your website. 


What do participants say about this workshop?

“This usability workshop helps every webmaster to get his feet back on the ground. No matter how beautiful or fun we think our website is, it only adds value when it meets the user’s expectations.”

Didier Blokland, webmaster, Peugeot België-Luxemburg


“An interesting course for marketers who are responsible for their company’s website. The workshop is given in an entertaining way with practical examples!”

Valerie Vancaeneghem, marketing, Europabank


“Finally a workshop with real, practical examples, and given in an interesting way. De workshop offers a guideline for designing or updating your website.”

Marnick Van Laeken, sales and communication coordinator, Wymar International


Who is the trainer?

Karl Gilis

Karl Gilis

The 'G' in AGConsult

Karl Gilis is co-founder of AGConsult. Since 2001 he helps companies and organisations to make their websites and intranets better.

Focus on research and facts is what differentiates AGConsult as a company and Karl as a lecturer. Karl has seen more than 2.500 people during user tests, worked on 100's of AB-tests and manually processed dozens of surveys. It is this knowledge that he uses when he teaches.

What Karl teaches doesn't come from a book. His tips and examples are unique because they come from everyday practice. 


How much is this workshop?

  • 3500 excl. VAT for 1 full day in your organization
  • Get up to 40% discount with the SME Portfolio
  • With examples and exercises on your own website, intranet or app
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Is there an online video course as well?

Not yet!

At the moment, you can get the online video course usability in Dutch


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