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In-company masterclass conversion optimization

  • 1 day training at your company
  • By our founders and world-renowned experts: Karl Gilis and Els Aerts
  • Get the chance to pick our brain about all things CRO
  • We share the processes and research methods we use to optimize your website
  • Get to know your users through research. And make them happy!
Price for a full day at your organization
5.000 Excl. VAT
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Program of in-company training CRO

The program is tailored to your organization.

This is what we’ll share with you:

1. The conversion optimization process

Making changes to your website based on your gut feeling, what your web agency says or based on what other websites do is a bad idea. That means you are just guessing.

And guessing usually leads to misery rather than glory in the end.

This is why a transparent, repeatable process is essential.

You gain insight into the process that we use for all our customers. So you can apply it yourself for your organization.

2. Qualitative research methods

Targeted surveys can give you great insights at high speed and low costs.

If you ask the right question at the right time, that is.

Sadly, this is where most surveys fail.
In this masterclass, you will learn how to get it right.

We will share the exact questions that we ask every day in projects for brands such as Tui and Yoast.

Based on more than 15 cases you will understand the entire process:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Processing the answers
  • Adjusting and testing your pages.

Surveys are of course only the tip of the qualitative research iceberg.
We will also talk about interviews and user tests.

3. Quantitative research methods

Scroll and click heat maps are great. But what can they teach you? Which patterns should you pay attention to? And how can you actually improve your site based on that?

And how can you process hundreds of user session recordings? In a way that provides real insights?

What can you learn from form analysis? And how do you interpret all those figures to improve your forms and check-out, based on your insight?

4. Working out hypotheses and determining priorities

Based on the insights from qualitative and quantitative research, you can now work on the weaknesses of your website.

But how do you start? How do you work out an idea? How do you formulate a hypothesis for an A/B test? And why is that so important?

How do you prioritize all those things that you have discovered and that you want to tackle? And how can you objectively determine which changes are likely to produce the best results?

5. What to pay attention to during A/B testing

  • When can you start A/B testing?
  • How do you determine your sample size?
  • What are valid goals and what are not?
  • How do you determine the winner of an A/B test?
  • Where do you measure the results?
  • Can you trust the tool if it calls out a winner or loser?
  • What do you do after a test has lost or won? Or produced no result?

You will learn that and much more during this training in CRO.

In short, after this course conversion optimization (CRO) you can

  • Optimize your online and offline marketing efforts so that your message triggers the heart and mind of your audience. Because they recognize themselves.
  • Create pages and websites that rank higher in Google because the content answers the needs and questions of your audience.
  • Optimize pages and websites so that they not only deliver more customers, but happy and loyal customers.

What do people think about this training?

“Karl is a brilliant teacher. One of those that entertain with their knowledge and their cracking personality. It was a lecture where I never nodded off as it was jam-packed with useful content, good jokes, and golden nuggets along the way.

There’s so much more I learned, and I´m grateful to Karl for sharing so many examples and his insightful knowledge.”

Josephin Crichton, Conversion Specialist, Aldi UK


“Thanks for your knowledge bombs today at the UX / CRO workshop. Learned so much from you!”
Florian Tomko – Basta Digital, Slovakia


“Excellent workshop that covered more aspects of user research and conversion optimization than I had ever dreamed of.”

Oluf Haugen, Senior Digital Analyst & Strategist, DNB Bank Oslo

Who's the trainer?

AGConsult co-founders Karl Gilis or Els Aerts.

Karl Gilis is number 3 on the list of most influential Conversion Rate Optimization Experts in the world.

Els Aerts has been helping companies and organizations understand their customers better since 2001. She is often called “the queen of user research”.

Both Els and Karl are international keynote speakers on user research, usability, and conversion optimization.

They’ve seen more than 2,500 people during user tests, worked on hundreds of A/B tests and manually processed dozens of surveys.

It is this hands-on knowledge that they share when they teach.

What they teach doesn’t come from a book. Their tips and examples are unique because they come from everyday practice.

How much is this workshop?

  • € 5.000 excl .VAT for 1 full day in your organization
  • With examples and exercises on your own website
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