A/B testing for more conversions

The most scientific way to improve your website.
AGConsult is an Optimizely Solutions Partner.
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Results of a few of our A/B tests

  • 35% more requests for proposals on suzuki.be
  • 23% more contact requests on goudengids.be
  • 10% more buyers on emob.eu
  • 24% more orders on bachbloesemadvies.be
  • 671% more newsletter subscriptions on knack.be

Want to give your website a boost like that? We can help you achieve it.  

No more guessing!

You think a certain change will result in a higer conversion? Maybe you're right. Then again, maybe you're not. 

Wouldn't you like to know which changes will and won't work before you decide to spend money on implementing them? 

You can if you do an A/B test first. 

Changes based on facts

That's the essence of an A/B test. A simple and cheap way to test ideas before you go to the trouble and expense of implementing them. 

So you only make those changes you already know are going to work.

How does an A/B test work?

We make a variation of one of your pages, without troubling your web builder or it-department. Half of your visitors gets to see the original version. The other half gets to see the variation.  

Because we measure everything your users do on these pages, it's only a matter of time before we know which version works best. We don't stop until we've made a variation that does better than your original. 

When the test is over, we tell you exactly which changes you need to make to your page to get the same results as in the test variation.

Goal of an A/B test?

  • More leads
  • More sales
  • Fewer abandoned carts
  • More conversion
  • A higher return on investment thanks to smarter investments

Optimizely Solutions Partner

Optimizely Solutions Partner

AGConsult is proud to be an Optimizely Solutions partner. Optimizely is the most comprehensive platform for A/B testing worldwide. Companies like Disney, Salesforce and The Guardian use it for their A/B tests. And so do we.

You already have your own system set up? No problem. We are happy to help you draw up an A/B test plan and to discover the conversion optimisation opportunities for your website. Because let's face it, that's the hard part anyway. 

Ready to optimize your conversion rates?

Our AB-tests come with a money back guarantee.

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