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The 10 best tips for a more successful website

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  • Written by Karl Gilis, #3 most influential CRO expert in the world
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28% more clicks on static messages than on a carrousel

A comforting message near a button increases your sales

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Here are the 10 tips as a brief checklist

  1. Never, ever use carousels
  2. No more big headers. Just get to the point!
  3. Encourage visitors to interact
  4. Give users clear instructions
  5. Making a choice should be easy
  6. Use bullet lists
  7. Add a reassuring message to every call-to-action
  8. Repeat your call-to-action at the bottom of the page
  9. Explain the reasoning behind your forms
  10. Combine all these tips for the best possible effect

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Tips to get more people to fill in your forms.

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“Very much to the point. I can immediately apply most of the tips to make my website better. Thank you very much.”
Katrien Miechielssens, Marketing, Retec


“The best thing I’ve seen lately! To the point, no blah blah, just good info!”
Marc Bijnens, Manager,


“This e-book is completely different from most free stuff. This is much more useful and applicable than anything I’ve read before.”
Hans Van Hasselt, Webmaster


“All the tips are clearly formulated and illustrated. This is extremely interesting information. Impressive!”
Bert Maes, Communications, Sociare

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Who wrote this e-book?

Karl Gilis, the G in AGConsult:

  • #3 most influential CRO expert in the world
  • Working in conversion rate optimization since 2001
  • Popular keynote speaker at international conferences on conversion optimization and usability
  • Guest lecturer at 5 colleges, including Karel de Grote University College and Ghent University College.
  • Trainer of usability and conversion workshops and webinars: every year followed by more than 1,000 people.

Let’s just say Karl knows what he’s talking about. 😜

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Karl Gilis, author of the 10 tips for a more successful website

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This e-book is for you if you recognize yourself in one of these situations:

  • Do you get fewer requests for offer than you’d like?
  • Is your e-mail list growing slower than you’d expected?
  • Do you feel like you could sell a lot more?
  • Have you tried changing something on your site, but without any real effect?
  • Not sure which online tips to believe anymore?

You’re not alone.

Creating a website that gets you results is not easy.
If it were, everyone would have a successful website! And we’d have nothing to do. 😉

And yet… it’s not exactly rocket science either.
You just need to know what works and what doesn’t.

And that’s what you’ll discover in this free e-book.

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