Website usability

Usability = increase the return on investment in your website.
Happier users. Higher revenue. Fewer costs.

Wij hielpen deze bedrijven en organisaties met het beter maken van hun websites

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Why website usability?

Your users decide whether your website is successful. If you don't cater to their needs, they simply won't stay on your site.  

A user-friendly site means:

  • More happy users
  • More visitors who turn into customers
  • Fewer offline costs because of your improved online customer service

Usability maximizes your revenue and minimizes your costs.


Expert reviews

Expert reviews

The fastest and cheapest way to improve your website. Often the best choice if you're a usability and conversion optimization virgin.

You don't even need a working website for an expert review. Mock-ups or a design prototype work fine too. 


User testing 

How do your users experience your website? Your real life customers and prospects?

Our eyetracking equipment allows you to see your website through your users' eyes. Literally.

With our mobile usability lab we can test in our offices or yours. It's up to you.

AB-testing and conversion optimization

AB-testing for more conversion

The most scientific way to improve your website step by step. With proven results. 

Test ideas before implementing them. That way, you're sure you only make changes that have a positive effect on your conversion rates. 


Online competitor analysis

Chances are you're not the only one doing what you're doing online. Why reinvent the wheel? Or worse: copy your competitors' bad ideas? 

Thanks to our online competitor analysis you get a clear view of what the best practices in your field are.

Webstrategie en informatiearchitectuur

Web strategy 

We draw up a user focused online strategy by matching your organisation’s goals to the user’s expectations.

We put the right information, in the right words, in the right place. 

Good to know

Why should I invest in usability? Isn't my money better spent on SEO?

More visitors is indeed what most people want. Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Marketing can get you more visitors. But if you lead these visitors to a website that sucks, simply more of them isn't going to increase your revenue.

The goal of usability is to turn visitors into customers. To increase those conversion rates, you need to invest in usability. Once you've done that, it's time to invest in attracting more visitors.

It's not a question of one or the other. It's usability first and SEO second. 

How reliable is the advice in an expert usability review?

People sometimes mistakenly think our expert reviews are a reflection of our personal opinion about a website. That is not at all the case.

The advice we give in our expert reviews is based on our experience. Experience we get from the user research we continually do: surveys, logfile analysis, AB-testing and user testing.

If we know for sure someting's going to be a problem on your website we will tell you. If we don't, we will suggest testing it.

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