Mock-up, wireframe and prototype

Before you start building a house, you need a plan.
The same goes for a web site or intranet.
We make plans for all your pages so the building of your site goes smoothly.

Zij hebben websites en inranetten die werken dankzij onze plannen

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Mock-ups or wireframesBlueprint of your web site 

Mock-ups or wireframes are basic designs that sketch the architectural layout of the key pages of a web site or intranet.

  • How will the navigation work?
  • Where does which information go?
  • How do interactive elements like a search feature or order procedure work?

Every page type

We make mock-ups of all page types of your web site or intranet. 

That way, you get a real feel of what the end result will be like.


Your pages have to work on alle screens: desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, ... No matter which device they're using, all your users deserve a user-friendly experience.

That's why me make responsive wireframes. So you can see what each page will look like on every kind of screen.

Real content

Wireframes or mock-ups are supposed to show how we can best present information so it's easy to use and understand.

If you want to do that, you need real content.

No “lorem ipsum” for us, thank you very much. You can make everything look good with dummy text. It's fake.

User testing to finetune

The best way to find out if an interface actually works is having it used by the people you made it for.

We make interactive mock-ups that we do user testing on. Ideally in various iterations.

That way we make sure your new web site or intranet really does live up to your users' high expectations.

What are the next steps?

In the functional analysis we use the mock-ups to describe the content and functionalities of your website or intranet. It's the ideal basis for your request for proposal and a handy working document for both designers and developers.

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