Top task survey

Who visits your website or landing page? And why?
Our top task survey gets you the answers.
And helps you live up to your users' expectations.

Insight in your users and their tasks

  • Who visits your website or landing page?
  • Why do people visit your website or landing page?
  • What are their top tasks?
  • Do different user groups have different top tasks?
  • Which words do your visitors use?

That's what our top task survey helps you find out. 

Our top task survey: 2 simple questions in an overlay.

Addition to Google Analytics

Log files can tell you how people get on your website or intranet and what they do.

What log file analysis tools such as Google Analytics can't tell you is who your visitors are. And whether what they did on your site was actually what they wanted to do. 

The only way to find out the reason why people come to your website is by asking them, in a top task survey.

Insight into the words your visitors use

The open question in our top task survey allows us to find out the terminology your visitors use. And whether they use the same words you do. 

Did you know …

On average, 5% to 15% of visitors fill out our top task survey. Yes, that's a lot. :-)

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