Online competitor analysis

We chart your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.
So you can do even better.

Why order an online competitor analysis?

  • You'll know where you stand with regards to the competition
  • You'll learn from their good and bad ideas
  • You'll know what you need to improve and how to do it


Concurrentie analyse via benchmarking

Best practices benchmark

Our experts give you a clear overview of the best and worst practices in your field, based on our analysis of your competitors' websites.

Our report gives you a good idea of what you can improve on your website. And which of your competitor's ideas aren't worth your time.

Benchmark user test

Benchmark user test

Find out what your own customers like and dislike about your competitors' websites. 

Maybe you think that new feature one of them has is really cool. But do your customers like it? A benchmark user test gives you facts to base your decisions on. While the rest of the competition keeps following their intuition...

Curious to find out how your competitors are doing online?

We chart their strengths and weaknesses.

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