Best practices benchmark

Get to know your competitors' strong and weak points.
Learn from their best practices and stay away from their bad ideas.

Advantages of a best practices benchmark

  • A clear view of your position compared to your competitors
    How does your website compare to your competitors? What are they better and worse at? 
  • Best practices of similar websites
    You get a good view of the best practices in your field. We help you apply these best practices to your website by advising you on quick wins and structural changes. In a way that'll make you outshine the competition.
  • No unnecessary investments
    Just because your competitor launches a shiny new feature doesn't mean you should. Not everything new and shiny is a good idea. We vet it before you invest in it.

Also for parts of a website

Only interested in a particular element of your competitors' websites? Like their order procedure, product page or customer service area?
We can benchmark that too.

A best practices benchmark in itself is already very interesting. But it's also the perfect preparation for a benchmark user test.

Curious to find out how your competitors are doing online?

We identify the best practices in your field.

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