Prepaid usability consulting

You don't have the time or budget for an in-depth usability audit?
You do need a series of short usability interventions?
Our prepaid packages are just what you need.

Advantages of a prepaid package

  • Up to 35 euro discount on our hourly rate of 150 euro.
  • You can use up the hours you bought whenever you like, as long as it's within a period of 12 months. 
  • We send you a monthly status of the hours spent.
  • We are there for you when you need us.
  • You don't waste time asking for offers for one small project after another.

What can you use it for?

All of our services, with the exception of our courses.

Some examples:

  • Expert evaluation of a new design
  • Workshop meetings 
  • Analysis of navigation proposals
  • One-day user-testing
  • Functional analysis
  • Quick monthly check-up of your website
  • Our advice on all questions related to usability, information architecture, etc.

Travel costs are charged at half the hourly rate.


Number of hours Hourly rate Total price
< 50 hours 150 euro  
50 hours 140 euro  7.000 euro
100 hours 130 euro  13.000 euro
200 hours 115 euro  23.000 euro

All prices are excluding 21% VAT.
Travel expenses are charged at half the hourly rate.

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