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Usability Awards Ceremony on 10 November 2009

On 10 November 2009 we will announce the winners of the first edition of the Belgian Usability Awards.

Practical information

  • 10 November 2009, 17h00 till 19h30
  • Holiday Inn Garden Court Brussels Expo Keizerin Charlottelaan 6 - 1020 Brussels Easy to reach by car and public transport (subway at 2 minutes walk) Free parking Route description
  • Entrance fee: nothing. It's free!

Now, don't get carried away by the words 'awards ceremony'. We are not the Oscars or the MTV Awards. The word 'ceremony' is to be interpreted very loosely. There won't be any singing or dancing. There will be nibbles and drinks.

Feel like joining us?

All you need to do is register. I look forward to seeing you there!

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