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The right message at the right time

What happened?

While uploading a picture on Flickr last week, I got the following message.

Flickr upgrade boodschap

Of course I want to upgrade. Immediately. After all, I've already used a full 1% of my monthly limit. Where do I sign up?

What's wrong with this message?

  • Flickr shows me a message that isn't relevant to me. I've only used 1% of my limit. Why would I want to upgrade?
  • By the time I would consider upgrading (maybe when I've reached around 60% of my limit?) I will have seen that message so many times I've probably tuned it out completely.
  • The message takes up valuable space that Flickr can make better use of. In this case, since I've only used 1% of my limit and am obviously a beginner, maybe a tip on how to use Flickr more efficiently. Like for example: what are sets and what can you use them for?

What did we learn today?

  • Show messages only when they're relevant for the user's particular situation.
  • Even the big boys make usability mistakes.

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