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Homepage focus: Google

We've said it before and we're saying it again. Identify your visitors' top tasks and build your website around them.

What do you use Google for?

Ask 100 people this question and I guarantee you that at least 99 answers will contain the word 'search'.

A small group of people will also talk about things like Gmail and Google Maps.

An even smaller group will talk about Google Adwords, Analytics etc. The stuff that only web professionals really know about.

Top task: search

Because search is the absolute top task people visit Google for, the new Google homepage focuses on it for the full 100%.

ot at all. Search is what 99% of people visit Google for. Give people what they want.

Less important tasks: less prominent on the homepage

The other important tasks, like Gmail and Images, are at the top. Below the search are the things Google actually earns money with: the advertising programs and the business solutions.

A bold move?
Not really. Though it's true most people lack the courage to do this on their own website.

Google puts the stuf that generates revenue in the background. Most CEOs and web managers are afraid to do that.

But at Google, they realise it's not the advertising programs that generate the revenue, it's the millions of people who 'google' every day.

Why do they google every day? Because the website is so deliciously simple.

How do you identify your website's top tasks?

We can help you on your way with user research. That way, you can base your decisions on facts instead of opinions or feelings.

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