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Can you pick the right picture?

Time for another little single question quiz.

Question: which picture should you click?

Which picture should you click if you're a citizen and which one if you're a business owner on the website of the beautiful Flemish city of Oudenaarde?

Hint: it's not the middle one. That one's for 'Visitors'. Obviously.

Oudenaarde welcome page - quiz


Oudenaarde welcome page

If you're a citizen of Oudenaarde, you should click the picture on the left ('Inwoner'). If you're a business owner, you should click the picture on the right ('Ondernemen').

The explanation:

  • The picture on the left shows the town's administrative center, where citizens can get answers to all their administrative questions.
  • The picture on the right is a picture of the town's main shopping street, the beating heart of the local economy.

So you think a picture is worth a thousand words? Think again.

Avoid 'quiz pages'

Apart from the questionable pictures it's not a good idea to present people with web pages like that. It makes people second-guess themselves:

  • I live in Oudenaarde but I'm visiting the website. Does that automatically make me a visitor?
  • Where should I click if I don't live in Oudenaarde yet but I am moving there? I'm not a citizen yet but I'm not really a visitor either.
  • What if I live in Oudenaarde but am looking for a walking trail?

In case you still don't get it: web pages with choices like that are evil. Absolutely not done. So don't do it.

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