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10 most popular usability articles in 2009

These 10 articles were the most popluar ones over the past year. It's a good mix of what we try to write on this blog: serious articles and less serious stuff, facts as well as meandering thoughts, good tips and bad examples. Thanks for reading them!

  1. Page fold: myth or reality
    A hot topic if ever there was one. Is the page fold a myth? Do or don’t people scroll? Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the page fold and page length.
  2. Stop the presses – we’ve got a new website!
    Don’t bore people with messages about your new website. It’s not just inappropriate, it could cost you customers.
  3. Screen resolution statistics and tips
    Which screen resolutions do people in Belgium use to surf the web? And what does that mean for your website’s layout?
  4. 48% of visitors on e-commerce websites don’t buy due to lack of usability
    iPerceptions’ research shows that 48% of the people on e-commerce websites doesn’t buy due to lack of usability. Even worse: 38,5% of the people who visit a website with the intention to buy, don’t succeed in doing so.
  5. 13 quotes that show the customer isn’t ready for a good website
    Sometimes a client says something that makes it clear to us usability professionals that they are simply not ready for a good website. 13 quotes that make our blood boil. Also read a lot: 14 quotes and explanations
  6. User-friendly error messages: 7 tips
    A lot of websites make usability mistakes on their form pages. And that costs visitors. On a form page that’s extra painful because if you lose a visitor there, you loose a very valuable visitor. A visitor who’s willing to make the effort to get in touch with you or perhaps even to order something. 7 tips for user-friendly error messages.
  7. 11 tips to turn your visitors into customers
    My colleague Karl Gilis's presentation with 11 tips to turn your website visitors into customers. Lots of eye-opening examples. Warning: you may not always like what you see. But it is the truth.
  8. Google Maps: cases from travel websites
    Google Maps is great. But only if you use it well. People seem to put stuff on Google Maps pretty much without thinking about it. We show some good and bad examples from travel websites.
  9. Gender error
    According to Citroën I’m suffering from a ‘gender error’. Should I panic? Wear more make-up maybe? Stuff some of those silicon chicken cutlets down my bra? None of the above. It seems I simply forgot to tell them whether I am a MR, MISS or MRS. Phew.
  10. Browser statistics
    Which browsers and operating systems do people use to surf your website in Belgium? Is Firefox catching up with Internet Explorer? Is Chrome as popular with housewives as it is with geeks? And what about the Mac guys and girls? Are they going to take over the world at last?

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