Intranet strategy & usability

No more frustration and time-wasting.
We help you turn your intranet into a useful instrument.

Yoor intranet as a tool

Your employees determine whether your intranet is successful. If the intranet doesn't cater to their needs, they simply won't use it. 

  • The more user-friendly your intranet is, the more often people will use ii
  • A good intranet helps people complete tasks faster
  • 10% time saved on every intranet session means a huge savings for your organisation
User research as the foundation for your web strategy

User research

Goodbye gut feeling. Hello user research!

We take the time to get to know your organisation, your web site and especially your employess from close up.

Information architecture

Information architecture

People visit your web site for a reason. They'e looking for information. 

We make sure they can find, understand and use your information. On every level of your web site. 

Mock-ups, wireframes and prototypes

Mock-ups, wireframes and prototypes

As soon as the structure is set up, we create basic designs of your website or intranet's most important screens.

We test these mock-ups with real users. Because that's the only way we can make sure your new site lives up to their expectations.

Functional analysis

Functional analysis and RFP

We describe in detail how your site will work. Our functional description is basically a manual for everyone involved in the making of your web site.

It's also the basis of the request for proposal or RFP you can send to potential partners to build your web site.

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