Writing for the web course

  • 1 full day of in-house training
  • Get the knowledge and confidence to write your own web copy
  • Learn how to write SEO copy Google loves
  • Work on your own web copy during the seminar
  • We have taught this in-house workshop in 318 organizations
  • Participants rate this workshop 8.4/10

Price for a full day in your organization

€ 2.500

Excl. 21% VAT

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Program of the writing for the web course

We personalize the training program to fit the needs of your organization.

Because an online shop does not have the same goals as a non-profit or government website.

We know this because we’ve been helping organizations and companies in all kinds of industries to improve their website since 2001.

  • What is the main goal of this course for you?
  • What is less relevant for you?
  • What should we pay more attention to?

We use the basic program as our starting point, and we fine-tune it to suit your needs.

We go through the program together during a web call. We’re eager to hear from the participants too. A week before the workshop we like to send them a brief online survey, asking about their questions and expectations for the seminar. Of course, we leave room for extra questions during the workshop as well.

To give you an idea: the basic program

  • Discover why writing for the web is different
  • Focus on your page’s target and target audience
  • Find out what kind of headers and intros work
  • Structure pages in terms of both content and layout
  • Use links in a useful way
  • Keep it simple
  • Find out when images are useful and when they’re not
  • Seduce your reader with psychological tricks
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): optimize your pages for Google

Theory, examples and practice

  • Theory
    A little bit of theory is necessary to explain why you should write a certain way on the web.

    We make the theory come alive with results from user research and A/B testing. From our own team or from other experts in our field.

    And of course we immediately illustrate the theory with examples.
  • Examples
    Ah, I see. Oh right, now I get it. Really? Wow.

    Those are the sounds we normally hear when we give examples, because they make the theory tangible.

    We use examples to discuss what works and what doesn’t work. And of course we use as many examples from your website or industry as possible.
  • Practice
    Time to get stuck in!

    We like to get down and dirty with your web copy during the workshop itself. That way, you really get a hang of this writing for the web thing. And you immediately get results.


What do participants say about this course?

“Thanks to AGConsult’s writing for the web seminars, our entire team now gets what does and doesn’t work online.”

Jan Govaerts, Communication officer, City of Turnhout


“The theory immediately confronted us with our mistakes. It was clear from the beginning that the workshop had been thoroughly prepared. After feeling pretty stupid for 8 hours, we concluded the day with material that we could instantly put online. And the knowledge that we will definitely improve our website. Hats off!”

Piet De Pauw, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Enfocus


“The practical examples that make the participants think and discuss how writing for the web really works, they’re a huge plus.”

Ellen Coopman, Communication, Red Cross Flanders 


Who is the trainer?

Els Aerts

Els Aerts

The ‘A’ in AGConsult

Els Aerts is co-founder of AGConsult. She studied Germanic Philology and has been writing for the web since 1998.

Between 1998 and 2001, Els was content manager at Webtelligence and AdValvas, the largest web company in Belgium at that time.

Since 2001, Els has been helping companies, non-profit organisations and local and national government agencies to improve their websites, intranets and online applications. Content and writing plays a crucial part in doing so. 2 out of 3 usability problems are content problems.

In her web writing training Els combines theory and practice. With lots of examples and writing exercises that show the impact of better web writing.  

How much is this course?

  • € 2500 excl. VAT for 1 full day of training in your organization
  • Get up to 40% discount with the SME Portfolio
  • With examples and exercises on your own website, intranet or app

Turn your visitors into customers, with words

318 organizations are now writing better online copy thanks to this workshop. 
Get the knowledge and confidence to do the same. 

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