App usability

Improve your app's usability with our expert reviews and user tests.
Better usability = Higher user ratings and positive reviews.

Expert review

Expert review

The fastest and cheapest way to improve your app's usability. Often the best choice if you're just starting out. 

You don't even need a working app for an expert review. Mock-ups or a design prototype work fine too. 

User test

User testing 

How do your users experience your app? Do they get how it works? What don't they understand? Which features do they love? 

With our mobile usability lab we can test in our offices or yours. Or we can go and find your users wherever they are. It's up to you.

Good to know

What can you user test?

  • Apps, web-based applications, software, ...
  • From early prototype to finished article
  • On desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Why app usability?

Your users decide whether or not your app turns out to be a success. If they download it but don't use it or give you a bad review, your app is sure to die a quiet death in the app store. 

A user-friendly app means:

  • Higher user ratings and better reviews
  • More downloads
  • Higher frequency of use

Do you want your app to be a success?

We increase your app's usability and user ratings.

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