Liesa Carton

Conversion copywriter

Are you ready to change the words on your website? Then the effect might be 5 times greater than when you change your design.

If you use the right words, that is.

And that is exactly why I’m here.
Because with the texts I write: 

  • Your visitors find what they're looking for instantly
  • You sell more
  • Your customer service center gets fewer phone calls

How I manage to do this?

I put myself in your visitor’s shoes.

  • What do I want to find on this website?

  • How do I want to be addressed?

  • What is holding me back from becoming a customer?

  • What is going to convince me? 

I answer all those questions – before they can even pop up in your visitor’s head.

And then … me and my colleagues gently nudge your visitor towards the right button, we kick all potential obstacles out of the way and … ta-dah: say hello to your new customer.  

What I did before AGConsult?

My first stories as a copywriter all ended the same way: ‘To be continued …’

I was 11 years old and whoever read my stories, became a loyal reader. (Thanks, mom!)

As I got older, I honed my writing skills with a master’s degree in Linguistics and Literature at the University of Ghent and a master’s degree in Journalism in Brussels.

I liked writing so much I made it my first job: as a copywriter and final editor for the copywriting agency

2,5 years later the time felt right to write a different story. In a country far, far away. After 1 year of maple syrup, squirrels and Canadian French I came back home to Ghent.

Time for the latest chapter: working at AGConsult. What I enjoy the most about this job? The way I can see the effect of my writing in data from A/B-testing and Google Analytics. I love it.

To be continued … on your website, app or intranet? 

What I do when I'm not working 

I once registered for a running contest, as a bet with friends. Now and then, that still happens by accident.

You might also find me in a dance class, in a pub with my friends or on my terrace with a book.

And because writing 5 days a week just isn't enough, I organize a Shut up & write in Ghent every month. Feel free to drop by!

I recently worked for these clients

  • Yoast
  • Carglass
  • Enfocus

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