Evelyn De Kesel

User researcher

Evelyn De Kesel
Evelyn De Kesel


What I do at AGConsult? 

User research, that’s what I love.

And I love user testing even more. I love to observe people when they surf on a website or an app. I love to discover what they can and can’t do.

I’ve been doing it for quite a while, but user testing never ceases to intrigue me.

To perform a successful series of user tests, you need to plan meticulously.

During kick-off meetings with our customers I listen carefully to the objectives of the test, the customers’ concerns and their hopes. After that, I’m ready to rumble.

Finding the right candidates. Writing a scenario that feels fluent and natural. Setting up the eye tracker correctly. Every step of the process contributes to a qualitative user test. And every project needs its own approach.

I take the learnings from our user tests and turn them into actionable to dos and priorities. The goal? Ever-better apps and websites.

All of this makes me a better usability expert.

What I learn in our user tests, I apply in my expert reviews for websites.

The user tests make sure I stay ahead of the pack on the usability front.

Want to find out how your visitors really use your website or app? 

What I used to do? 

I got my Master’s in New Media and Society at Ghent University. I was especially fond of my Innovation Research classes. A passion that continued to grow after I graduated.

That’s why I started working as a usability expert at tour operator Tui, then Jetair.

4 years of user testing, AB testing and other usability research ensured I hit the ground running. After that I felt ready to use my experience in a new environment.  

So why AGConsult?  

I’m attracted to the enormous diversity of the projects we have here.

Every project has its own characteristics. But the results, the experience and the knowledge I gain in one project, often serve me in another.


What I do when I'm not working 

Percussion band Famba is more fun than a barrel of monkeys to me. The samba vibes just make me happy, and I’m quite proud of what Famba stands for.   

But there’s more to me than music. My spare hours are crammed with photography, rollerblading, traveling, coconut shakes, veggie cuisine, soccer and DIY.  

I recently worked for these clients

  • Toyota Material Handling Europe
  • Ghent University
  • Ghent University
  • Center Parcs

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