Christophe Ballet

Usability expert

Christophe Ballet
Christophe Ballet


What I do at AGConsult

The user’s advocate, that’s what I am. As a usability expert, it’s my job to guard usability at all times.

Whether you’ve got an app, a site or an intranet: I always put your visitors’ interests first.

Diving into facts and data makes me happy, and I love working with tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics. With the right data at my fingertips, I can turn frustrated users into happy customers.

What I used to do 

My marketing education at Hogent taught me all about the media that organizations use for online marketing. It struck me that most companies still put those media first. Whereas their focus should be on their customers. Always.

My Master’s in New Media and Society at Ghent University also proved to be an eye-opener. I learned that you need to think like your users if you want to be successful online. That understanding put me on the usability trail. Which is why I applied for an internship at AGConsult.

The expertise and the professional dedication at this company impressed me big time. This intern decided to do everything he could to stay at AGConsult.

The hard work paid off.

Today I am proud to be part of one of the most renowned usability organizations in Belgium and beyond.

What I do when I'm not working 

It depends.

If the sun is out, you’ll find me on the pitch playing soccer. Or in the stands, watching my favorite team play.

If it snows, there’s nothing I love more than driving off to the Alps to go snowboarding.

No sun? No snow? Then you’ll most likely find me in the pub. Or on the dancefloor late at night, bustin' some moves.

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